Flabs 2 Abs was not created by a corporation

The Flabs 2 Abs 30 day body transformation program was created by regular people like you!
We wanted to give people the truth behind fat loss so they can lose as much fat as possible in the shortest amount of time.
We've went through the struggle ourselves for years, trying to separate weight loss facts from fiction.
We've tried many different products & programs, read a lot of information & talked with multiple fitness professionals.
After years of trial and error, we've created our own weight loss program that finally puts every REAL fat loss secret on 1 DVD.
Once you know the truth, weight loss isn't even a concern & there's no reason to spend money on anything else.

Flabs 2 Abs will work for you

If you can follow a proven "sure thing" nutrition plan, Flabs 2 Abs will work for you.
Our nutrition section & tips are crucial to your weight loss success. Nutrition is the most important part of weight loss.
Our cardio section is customizable & shows you exactly how cardio can significantly help your fat loss efforts.
Our abdominal routine is the ONLY routine you'll ever need to get rock hard abs.
Our weight training section is an optional strong weight loss aid & muscle toner
for those who enjoy or would like to start weight training.
We use dumbbells, a bench (or floor), & an optional pull-up bar.
If you're unable to perform a particular move or don't have the equipment, don't worry.
Just do what you can & want to do. Your weight loss will NOT be hindered.
The nutrition plan alone will give you unbelievable results!
So don't stress about the weight training if it's not for you!

Flabs 2 Abs was put to the test on ourselves and others
We purposely packed on a lot of weight to prove this program works & we filmed our progress. Twice!
That's how confident we are in the program.
The first year, we lost 16 lbs in 30 days & 27 lbs in 30 days.
The next year, we lost 23 lbs in 30 days & 50 lbs in 63 days.
Our first Flabs 2 Abs client lost 40 lbs in 60 days!
You can achieve these kinds of weight loss numbers as well ...and it's a lot easier than you think!

Flabs 2 Abs gives to charity & helps others give to charity

A portion of all proceeds goes to Riley Hospital for Children & the Accelerated Cure project for multiple sclerosis.
Flabs 2 Abs helped the winner of a multi-company weight loss competition for charity.
Multiple companies donated funds that would go to the charity of the winner's choice.
That winner was Peggy, age 56, the sole contestant who followed the advice of the Flabs 2 Abs program.
Peggy lost 18.4 lbs in the 6 week competition.
She destroyed the competition, even the competitors in their 20s, 30s, and 40s!
She was thrilled to present the donation check to the charity of her choice, Joy's House.

Flabs 2 Abs takes away some of the seriousness often associated with weight loss

Some of the segments in the Flabs 2 Abs DVD contain humor.
We don't take it too seriously & neither should you.
Weight loss doesn't have to be stressful & learning doesn't have to be boring!

Flabs 2 Abs is FOR REAL!

Every aspect of the DVD was created by two people, not a money hungry corporation.
There are no actors, producers, film crew, or fitness instructors.
The script, the weight loss journey, the workout demonstration, the production
...everything was created & performed by two people who were never formally trained in any of it!
We learned the truth behind fat loss & we did what we needed to do to share it with everyone.
We're proud of our product & encourage our customers to contact us to keep us updated with their weight loss progress.
If you follow our advice, you will be blown away by your results!  We guarantee it.

Actual Results
16 lbs/30 days
18 lbs/42 days
23 lbs/30 days
27 lbs/30 days
40 lbs/60 days
50 lbs/63 days

Flabs 2 Abs

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Flabs 2 Abs

Flabs 2 Abs